Who I am

Hello! I’m Giulia. I’m here to help you naturally heal your body, get wildly healthy and love yourself and all aspects of your life!
Find more about me below.

Constantly striving for the best in all ?

That’s my religion!

HELLO and welcome to my website! I am Giulia Brad AKA “Vibrantskinhealth”!

What this blog is all


It’s about powerful health knowledge,

about discovering your body, understanding it and accepting yourself completely,

about my past mistakes in my health journey and how I cured multiple conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, candida, hair loss, menstrual issues, completely naturally when doctors gave me the “There’s nothing else to be done here ” ultimatum,

about how to thrive not just barely live,

about raising awareness about striking health issues,

about loving, embracing and discovering your body on all levels,

about nourishing your soul, taking proper care of your mind, embracing life’s challenges and overcoming them,

 about sharing common passions, creating a sense of community and unity,

 about feeling loved, understood and heard!

giulia about me 2

Health. Inner balance. Power.

What I am really


I’m all about health, happiness and inner balance; About the small details that make the difference (like chocolate),

about dreaming big. I’m a compassionate soul and a cat lover,

I’m passionately studying holistic nutrition & psychology and personal development, strongly believing I’ll help thousands of  people surpassing their health ailments, regaining their true health, inner balance and vitality naturally and that my story will have a positive impact on a big scale.

Meanwhile, I’m keeping a record of my insights, where I share my health tips, recipes, my passions and my lifestyle and I would love if you would share yours with me as well.

I really hope to educate, motivate and inspire you to take control of your health because NOW is the time to take charge of your life and well-being! You are absolutely worth it! See you around!