My health story


So here it goes. It took a while but here is my adventurous story in how I got into this wonderful field named health and wellness. I never thought I would ever be doing something like this. When I used to think about health advocates before, in my mind it was something like crazy people that do not enjoy life…i know, very immature of my part but hey i was just about 15. Years ago I used to observe some people being hyper careful about their diet, the way they exercise, about their meditation practices, yoga, what they put on their skin, and I saw them so stressed about every single detail and I thanked god or the universe that I do not have to go through something like this and that I got blessed with good genetics and that I can do whatever I want and I am just as fine as these people who worry so much about Monsanto and such things. I grew up pretty much in a conventional family, we avoided McDonalds as much as we could but did not restrict ourselves from cravings or eating 4 ice creams if we felt so. Since we immigrated in Canada 5 years ago with the busy lifestyle and stress , we did not eat very much at home from lack of time so my health in particular started to go downhill day after day. After about 2 years my skin started to be very unhappy about my new lifestyle so it started to scream at me through the rashes, dermatitis and redness I had. Of course I got frustrated and started to complain why in the world I am not blessed with perfect skin like so many others…life is not fair. Then other issues started to come up, my period was messed up, it was almost like a cat, it came whenever it felt like, very unregulated and unpredictable . Then I heard something like when you will grow older it will regulate by itself so I was pretty happy with the idea that I do not really need to do something about it and that my life and body will figure things out by itself somehow. I indulged in all kinds of foods like crazy especially sweet stuff…a lot and when I mean a lot, I really mean a lot. For a skinny girl nobody would ever believe how much I ate without gaining any weight. It was emotional eating, but never realized it before. Every time something was wrong or I felt stressed the fridge was my friend and I felt so blessed that I can do whatever I want without suffering any consequences. I knew all those cookies, cake and popcorn were not the best for my body but hey, I was still skinny so for me that meant I was well and “healthy” (my friends skinny does not equal healthy believe me, sometimes it is worse than gaining weight I’ll talk more about this in future posts). I was taught that disease meant being overweight or having diabetes and high cholesterol, anything else was okay. However, every time I used to have these thoughts , my intuition was telling me that one day I will pay for all these careless actions I was taking against my body and that I will need to work my butt off to change a lot of the these bad habits and their consequences.girl_13-wallpaper-1920x1080__1410646144_173.177.0.138-2

Then my period did not come for 3 months and I figured something might be wrong (of course it was) so I went to doctors who told me right away “oh just take birth control it will be regulated right away and you will solve 2 problems in 1: both the period and the skin issues”. It did sound like a good plan but something did not feel right for me. I did not know a lot about heath but one thing I knew, birth control messes up the hormones that’s all. Then I visited another doctor, a nice lady who was honest and told me , that it will help me but once I stop them things will be back to how they are now so it is my choice. I did not like that and it made me think… so this is kind of delaying the problem. Hmm… I was about 18 then. I did not know a lot what I wanted in my life but one thing I was sure of is that I always wanted kids, and a lot of them like 3 or 4. So this made me scared and made me think beyond my selfish short term actions. This was the beginning of everything.

Then I started to dig and found the truth about the beauty industry, the chemicals in products, then started to study about organic foods, organic skincare. However, all this did not heal my skin. Then I dug even deeper, I read and read almost everything that I found in the library, all kinds of health books. I found out about deficiencies, candida, parasites…i was iron deficient, had candida for a while,oh I feel I had it all. I did cleanses, parasite cleanses, diets, juice fasts,followed a fruit based diet, then a vegan diet, then stopped because I almost died. But this is the topic of another post I will do. Then I studied the tapping method for a while, positive thinking and how emotions change our body chemistry, i read it all. I used to come home and read hours and hours each day. I was looking for THE METHOD, the magic thing I have to do for the rest of my life that ensures me I will be perfectly healthy and I will not have to worry about this ever again. But it did not work like this because the body is continuously changing. Also, I did not think that for each and every individual there is a unique treatment and that what worked for somebody will necessarily work for me. It is very frustrating when you see that lots of people healed by following a regimen and that for you it does not work. Then you started to think that there is something wrong with you and that your body is not good enough, that you are not good enough and that is far from the truth. You just did not learn the proper way to listen to your body and interpret what it is trying to say to you and then ask for help and support because let’s be honest it is very hard to be on your own and try to keep a smile on your face and the optimism every single day.


What healed me

Eliminating processed grains and processed dairy was a huge step. I healed my gut lining considerably since then and still do. But it was not the only thing, I had a hard time accepting this but fruit did no go well with me, since my body was very sensitive to all types of sugars. Dairy still has a big question mark but i tend to avoid it as much as I can.
Now after all these years of research and trial-and-errors I believe in BALANCE!
The key to health and well-being for your body, mind, and spirit is balance. I believe that changes to our food and lifestyle equal big rewards.


Pillars of health in my vision:

 whole foods, unprocessed, organic and preferably locally grown
 movement and exercise in all forms (dancing, karate, jogging, walking, running, hiking, etc)
 sunlight and being in nature as much as possible
 clean and pure water
 less stress and more balance
 mental & spiritual awareness
 positive friendships and relationships


Also an advice I can give you (and myself as well) whether you have healthy issues to overcome or not is don’t take yourself or life too seriously! We must become aware that we must take responsibility about our own health but do not be too harsh on yourself, love and stand by your body while it is healing. My hope is that you will choose to become educated as much as you can, always be an open-minded student, and empower yourself with that knowledge to make necessary changes that will guarantee you prosperous health and wellness for you and those around you.

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