Spring is here


Spring is here…finally.  It’s funny to live in Canada, we usually have around 2 weeks of spring time. We transition from very cold weather to 20 degrees, we go from boots to ballerinas. The trees are shooting very fast and it is very pleasant to witness this process. One day the trees are bare and within two days green is popping everywhere. It gives you that feeling of renewal, the nature leaving behind the harsh winter.

Everything is a celebration and even the weakest and helpless flowers are ready to blossom and surprise us with their force. I caught this special moment on camera and it really touched my heart. I was walking by and the ground was completely covered with dead leaves in a uniform brownish color. And suddenly, a little snowdrop was trying to make its presence noticed in that sea of leaves. I could not resist that moment.  I had to capture the power and beauty of this little flower. Below I attached 3 of my favourite pictures that I wanted to share with you and which really captured the transition from winter to spring .


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This is what spring is all about, the renewal and the force of nature. Let me know your thoughts about what spring means to you and if you enjoyed this kind of posts please leave a comment below and share it with your friends and loved ones.

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