Why popping blisters is bad


Popping blisters and skin health

These last days I have had the worst blisters of my life, like 4 or 5 on each foot. I could not walk or wear anything. I have never had something like this happen to me before ever but the cause was the fact I have worn a very uncomfortable pair of shoes too long. In the past, when I got one of these, I used to pop them using an old method with a needle and some cotton. I sterilized the needle and pass it through my blisters with the cotton in order for it to drain up the liquid formed there. For the very small ones it always worked as the skin will dry very fast after. So I did the same thing for my 9 blisters this time but it didn’t work. I have tried it 4 times and within MINUTES the liquid filled back in. After a few trials I started to say to myself, wait a minute, my body is way smarter than I am so if these blisters keep filling back in maybe I am not supposed to keep intervening in the healing process. So I’ve done a bit of research of why popping blisters is not ideal at all and I hope it will help others out there who don’t know how to deal with these.

What are blisters?

Blisters are fluid-filled bumps that look like bubbles on the skin. They can be caused by

  • Burns or friction.
  • Cold injuries from being exposed to cold or freezing temperatures.
  • Insect bites such as spider bites
  • Pinching the skin

Why popping blisters is bad

A blister is the body’s reaction to an area that has too much friction. In order to keep the skin healthy and safe the body creates it so that you get a separation between skin layers.  The liquid that forms inside the blister is sterile and helps keep that skin area intact and protected from outside bacteria.  Any time it is open it will drain.  The clear yellowish drainage is called serous fluid . This fluid inside creates a good healing environment. The one reason you could pop a blister is only when pressure will cause the blister to spread but if the blister is not going to spread due to pressure, leave it alone. A wound heals faster in a moist environment than when dried out. Also when you pop it the area will be exposed and the opened wound will be very hard to heal and it will also take longer. Drying out a wound or bursting a blister can also increase the scar tissue that is left behind. The biggest problem with popping a blister is it introduces the possibility of infection. Another thing that may happen which was my case is when a popped blister refills with fluid. You need to be careful because after you popped it, bacteria can spread over the open wound and can create an infection. Typically popping a blister will also make things more painful, so don’t pop to reduce your discomfort. The fluid acts as a cushion to protect the raw flesh until it will heal.

Ways to speed healing

aloewAlso if you do have diabetes or other immune deficiencies you should leave your blisters intact.  This is because it is sterile while the blister is intact and the body will heal it from inside out.

  1. Use tea tree oil as it is a natural essential oil with antibacterial properties. It is also an astringent. Use a q-tip to dab a little of the oil on the blister before applying a fresh bandage.
  2. Use Apple Cider Vinegar. It is a traditional home remedy used for tons of ailments including blisters. It is also antibacterial and you can dilute it with water before using because it is quite strong.
  3. Aloe Vera. It is a natural anti-inflammatory and moisturiser and it one of the best options for blisters caused by burns. Use the gel and apply it on the area. It will speed up the healing process.
  4. Chamomile. It has soothing properties and it helps to ease the pain as well. Make tea and once it has cooled dip a wash cloth into the tea and press it against the area for 15 min.
  5. Consume more protein. Protein helps and speeds up the healing process. It’s important to take in protein before you go to sleep as the body will use it for healing.
  6. Increase the intake of vitamins such as zinc, iron, copper, calcium, vitamin A and C.

Ways to prevent blisters in the future

grass_and_red_shoes1. Choose well-fitting shoes. Many blisters form due to the friction caused shoes. To prevent this from happening invest in good quality, breathable shoes. If you are a runner this investment will be worth it!

2. Wear right socks Socks quality is important as well. Cotton ones (100%) are the best ones to wear.

3Heat and chemicals Blisters can form after being burned by hot water, steam or chemicals, so you should be cautious when handling hot objects or using chemicals, such as bleach.


How do you deal with blisters? What methods do you use to speed us the healing? Share down below in the comments.

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